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Hi! My name is Andreas, and I'm 20 years old and I'm from Romania.
I was born there but I lived in Romania only for my first 3 years of life because after that I went to live in Italy for 12 years and right after that I moved to Germany and lived there for another 6 years.
I'm a guy who always was iterested in everything that has to do with computers, from general technology to programming. In 2016 I joined a professional college (German: "Berufskoleg") as a assistant in computer science and communication technology. I knew all my life that that's what I wanted to do in life, and when I joined that school I discovered a world that I wish I would have discovered much before. It was like a dream becoming true. Since then I expanded my skills in IT and I work hard to improve everyday.
Now you know a little bit about me and I hope to see you arround.